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Hi, I'm Susan McDonald

I grew up on my family’s cattle property, 70km south of Cloncurry. I was educated by Correspondence School and Mt Isa School of the Air before boarding school in Brisbane. My first job was cooking for a stock camp and working at Expo ’88 in Brisbane before going to the University of Queensland to study accounting with the idea I would go back to the family station to handle the bookkeeping. But circumstances changed and I ended up in Brisbane where I worked in different businesses as an Accountant before going in as Chief of Staff for Natural Resources and Mines Minister, Andrew Cripps.
My family had bought a chain of butcher shops in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and I ran them for 6 years before being elected to the Australian Senate for Queensland. I have three teenaged kids, I am passionate about levelling the playing field for regional Queensland, and I’m especially focused on ensuring regional students get the best possible educational opportunities. As a Senator, I am based in Townsville, while travelling extensively across the state to ensure local communities are listened to and have their needs addressed. In 2021, I was named Special Envoy for Northern Australia, a role in which I'll be able to help grow our country's most important region.

My Objectives

Growing Regional Populations

Ensuring rural, regional and remote centres have all the services and infrastructure available to grow their populations, keep families, and attract new businesses.

Resources and Dams

Regional Queensland thrives on developing our natural resources, and building dams to capture and manage water for towns, agriculture and mining.

Lower Airfares For The Bush

Lobbying government and airlines to make regional Queensland more accessible by air.

Boosting Outback Tourism

Highlighting the many and varied tourist attractions that exist away from the Queensland coast.

Roads and Rail

Ensuring safer and smoother travel – especially during extreme weather – is crucial to boost tourism and allow freight to get quickly to markets.

Backing Our Farmers

Being an effective advocate in Canberra for those who grow our food and fibre to the world’s best standards.


Netflix-speed internet is critical for businesses, workers, students and entertainment.


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Address: 131 Denham St, Townsville, QLD, 4810
Postal Address: PO Box 2185, Townsville, QLD, 4810
Phone: (07) 4771 3066