Thursday, 9 November 2023

Federal Shadow Minister for Resources, Senator Susan McDonald, has labelled Queensland and Federal Labor’s attacks on Australian coal mining “utter madness” as figures show coal’s enormous contribution to Queensland’s economy.

Queensland Resources Council data revealed the resources sector delivered a record $116.8 billion in economic benefits to the state economy in 2022-23 and supported over half a million jobs.

Of that, coal companies contributed 72 per cent, or $83.7 billion.

In a keynote speech she will deliver to the QRC Annual Forum in Brisbane today (Thursday), Senator McDonald will say Labor and the Greens are the biggest threat to the resources sector and resources companies need to stand up for themselves.

Senator McDonald will tell the audience that: “…the millions the Government spends on funding the Environmental Defenders Office to wage legal warfare on government decisions undermines any credibility or illusion of support for the resources sector.”

Ahead of the forum, Senator McDonald said: “Mining companies need to better champion their vital contribution to our first-world economy and lifestyle to their employees and the public.

“Unions make no secret of their animosity towards political parties they don’t believe are acting in their best interests, and resources companies should be adopting a similarly assertive stance to the biggest threats to their interests: Labor and the Greens.

“I urge resources companies and their industry peak bodies to unify and come together to combat destructive anti-resources rhetoric currently being peddled by a vociferous minority.

“I commend the Queensland Resources Council on their campaign in Queensland, and implore its members to support their peak and back the campaign.

“It is a brave decision to publicly take on Government policy, but in the current environment, strong public action is needed from industry to fight to protect their reputation and sector.”