Thursday, 20 June 2024

“Labor’s shambolic handling of Australia’s gas industry is now having real consequences – consequences they were repeatedly warned about,” said Shadow Minister for Resources, Senator Susan McDonald of revelations that gas supply on the east coast may be inadequate to meet peak winter demand.

“Gas market interventions, increased union powers, funding green lawfare and fostering ideological opposition in Cabinet are the hallmarks of a Government that is willing to sacrifice Australians’ ability to access cheap, reliable and abundant energy in favour of appeasing activists.

“To have this shortage even after repeated warnings is symbolic of Labor’s hostile and uncollaborative approach to the gas industry.

“It is appalling that in an advanced, gas-rich, first-world country like Australia, people could struggle to access the energy they need to heat their homes and prepare meals. Those impacted have only Labor’s Victorian and Federal governments to blame for this outcome.

“A Coalition Government will get Australia’s gas sector back on track by slashing approval timeframes in half without compromising on standards, defunding the Environmental Defenders Office, and will commit to an annual release of offshore acreage for gas exploration and development.

“By supporting our gas sector, we will ensure that households and businesses can access affordable, reliable energy and also stop Australian manufacturing jobs leaving the country due to gas shortages.”