Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Shadow Minister for Resources and for Northern Australia, Senator Susan McDonald, has urged voters to delve deeper into the policies and ideologies of The Greens after the party’s leader Adam Bandt refused to speak in front of the Australian flag.

Labelling the move “the greatest act of disloyalty”, Senator McDonald said The Greens were supposed to be representatives of all Australians after the party secured double-digit swings in some seats and a second Queensland Senate spot.

“The Greens behave like they hate Australia – they discredit our traditions, trash our history, besmirch our national character, peddle race hate and class warfare, ridicule us internationally, and stand in the way of dams, mining and development which improve people’s lives and our national economy,” she said.

“I understand they use stunts such as refusing to speak in front of the national flag as a dog whistle to engage their base and stir up their opponents, but their conduct points to a more sinister agenda.

“We’re warned about the rise of far-right groups when The Greens have roots in arguably the most destructive far-left ideologies in history – Marxism, Socialism, Communism and Anarchism.

“They don’t believe in the power of individuals to improve themselves and society, and they say people’s circumstances are the result of a corrupt social system, but this system has resulted in Australia taking just over 200 years to become one of the world’s greatest countries.

“It is strange that the people who voted in Greens MPs are those in more affluent suburbs who have benefited most from this system – and whose wealth is most at risk under Greens policies.”

Senator McDonald said her main concerns were for the messages The Greens were sending children, and urged parents to take more of an active role in countering the party’s anti-Australia messaging.

“Australia is not a racist country. 99% of Australians would like nothing more than for Indigenous people to prosper and break out of the cycle of poverty and violence afflicting some communities. We welcome immigrants who work hard to contribute to a better society and we cheer on our athletes from all ethnic backgrounds,” she said.

“For The Greens to express such hatred for our flag and suggesting they speak for all Indigenous people reveals an agenda that should be discouraged.

“Thanks to The Greens and their more radical supporters, children are growing up convinced institutionalised racism is real, that Australia is a terrible country, and they’re terrified they’re going to grow up in an uninhabitable planet.

“The Greens say they just want a ‘better’ Australia but we should be achieving this by coming together and uniting against adversity, contributing positively to the conversation and teaching our kids that dividing people by race, class and gender based on lies about Australia and Australians is unproductive and damaging.”