Monday, 18 December 2023

Shadow Resources Minister, Senator Susan McDonald, has slammed Prime Minister Albanese for being too weak to rein in his Energy Minister from campaigning for an end to fossil fuels on the world stage, at a time when Australia’s coal production and exports are forecast to rise across coming years according to the December 2023 Resources and Energy Quarterly (REQ).

“While the Government is forecasting increased production and exports for Australia’s metallurgical and thermal coal, we have Minister Bowen swanning around international forums telling the world we will end coal and gas,” she said.

“For the Climate Change Minister to be pushing a pledge to stop investing in coal, gas and oil projects sends yet another signal to the world that Australia is a terrible place to do business.

“Not only is this a direct attack on our energy security, it will further deter crucial resources investment that is already sending capital and jobs to other countries.

“Additionally, the 2023 Resources and Energy Major Projects List has 100 coal, oil and gas projects in the pipeline, worth almost $50 billion.

“Has Minister Bowen told all these companies that he intends on killing their industry, and the jobs and growth that will be generated?

“Australia’s economic prosperity is underpinned by our abundant coal and gas extracted by companies providing high-paying jobs and billions in taxes and royalties, but our own Federal Government is denying the fact worldwide demand for this energy is still strong.

“The taxes and royalties from Australia’s resources sector in the last year is enough to fully fund Medicare and cheap medicines and still have enough left over to pay for the entire education systems of our two biggest resource States in Queensland and Western Australia.

“Chris Bowen is dreaming if he thinks solar panels and wind turbines can provide the same level of funding to the Government’s coffers.

“Countries are transforming their energy grids but efficient, high-quality Australian coal and gas still has a major role to play well into the future.

Senator McDonald repeated her belief that the Federal Government had been captured by radical activists intent on wrecking the economy.

“If Australia loses its resources sector, it is everyday Australians who will pay the price.”