Friday, 10 May 2024

The release of Labor’s Future Gas Strategy marks nearly a year since the Government funded itself to do a study into how to fix the problems they themselves created in Australia’s gas market and the economic damage it has caused.

Shadow Minister for Resources, Senator Susan McDonald, said the release was nothing more than a weak attempt by the Federal Government at feigning support for a sector it had sabotaged since coming to office.

“Until this week, the release of the Future Gas Strategy has been Labor’s excuse for not providing clarity on what their approach to gas market policies would be,” Senator McDonald said.

But after two years of energy uncertainty, skyrocketing prices, and repeated warnings of looming shortfalls and blackouts the government has finally produced a $6.7 million report which just confirms what everybody else has known from the beginning – gas is important and we need more of it.

“The Coalition will examine the details of the strategy, but it will be meaningless if Labor continues to throw obstacles in the way of securing new gas supply as the prospect of new projects remains bleak under Labor’s mountain of red and green tape.”

“Labor has done nothing concrete to address Australia’s long-term energy or economic security, despite experts like AEMO repeatedly calling for urgent increased investment in gas for our future energy needs.

“Ironically, Labor’s Strategy advocates for further interventions in our gas and energy markets, despite highlighting that their own market interventions have stalled investment and caused these issues, and they have taken no steps to unlock new gas supply for Australians.

“Just a few weeks ago, Labor voted with the Greens to block the progression of important legislation that would help reform our offshore oil and gas sector, the very legislation their strategy claims is needed.

“The fact is Labor have not released any new offshore acreage since 2022, have not awarded any offshore acreage, and their own Environment Department is drowning gas projects in red tape.

“They continue to pump millions into activist organisations who try to kill new projects, and still won’t take responsibility for the poor behaviour of these taxpayer-supported organisations.

“Companies aren’t able to use their own production tenements because their approvals remain stuck inside the Department, and it is Labor’s own delays putting projects on hold.

“Labor has spent the last two years demonising the gas sector, undermining producers, letting manufacturing jobs move offshore, heaping layers of red and green tape onto approvals, and now want to claim that they want to see a future for gas in Australia.

“It is hard to imagine a more untrustworthy and incompetentGovernment to trust with the economic future of this country.”