Wednesday, 18 October 2023

Shadow Minister for Resources and for Northern Australia, Senator Susan McDonald, has called upon the Queensland and Federal Labor Governments to commit to the future economic strength of North West Queensland and the workforce of Mt Isa, and outline how it will support further development in the North West Minerals Province after Glencore’s decision to close Mt Isa Mines.

“Mt Isa plays a vital role as a hub for North West Queensland commerce, healthcare and schooling and I am deeply concerned about the effect this announcement will have on Mt Isa Mines’ workers and the town’s business owners,” said Senator McDonald.

“Mt Isa Mines’ 60-year operation is a testament to the importance of the North West Minerals province, and operations in and around Mt Isa have contributed billions of dollars back to the local community.

“While no single mine can last forever, this region has been identified as having an abundance of critical minerals and rare earths yet to be developed.

“North West Queensland’s rich potential should not be squandered or ignored, and the Labor Government needs to do more to encourage a pipeline of mining ventures to develop or expand with confidence in order to secure the future of our regional communities.

“It is crucial that State and Federal Governments remove unnecessary red tape slowing down the approval of the next generation of mines in order to continue to provide opportunity and a prosperous future for the North West of Queensland.

“The Government needs to work to ensure Mt Isa remains a thriving regional town for the sake of local workers, businesses, agriculture, mining and indigenous communities who rely on this important centre in Northern Australia for supplies, schooling, healthcare, air travel and employment.”