Friday, 30 September 2022

Shadow Minister for Resources, Senator Susan McDonald, has questioned the Federal Government’s commitment to a long-term solution to gas supply problems after Australian LNG exporters reached a new heads of agreement, continuing from the Coalition’s negotiations in 2021.

“Finally, Labor has come out of hiding and made public that southern states will be able to keep the lights on next year,” she said.

“But the 2021 heads of agreement was explicit in stating ‘unlocking new supplies of gas will improve the security of supply for all Australian gas users’.

“It’s clear that in order to avoid shortfalls, price rises and threats of pulling the domestic supply trigger in future, the only solution is bringing online more gas supply.

“Minister King has echoed this sentiment but it’s hard to believe she is sincere when she does not have the support of her Cabinet colleagues.

“Current Energy Minister, Chris Bowen, last year called the Coalition’s gas-led recovery ‘BS’, and ‘a fraud’, so gas companies and consumers can be forgiven for not breathing easy just yet.

“The Federal Government must work harder with State Governments to open up the huge gas reserves in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and the Northern Territory or we’ll continue being trapped in the fiasco of needing short-term fixes for an issue that won’t go away.”