Wednesday, 10 June 2020

RECOVERED coronavirus patient and Queensland Senator Susan McDonald has described Labor and Greens MPs who attended mass protest gatherings at the weekend as selfish.

Senator McDonald noted that media reported Greens Senators Janet Rice and Mehreen Faruqi plus Labor Lower House MP Graham Perrett had attended weekend protests and were planning to attend parliament in Canberra this week.

“As one of the very few parliamentarians who has had coronavirus, the agony was the wait to find out if I hadn’t infected elderly and at-risk family and friends,” she said.

“These parliamentarians make the mistake of thinking that this is about them, when it is about the people that they put a risk.

“The real test of conscience and a moral decision is what actions would you take if you thought you did have coronavirus.

“Defying social distancing protocols and then travelling to sit in enclosed spaces with others for lengthy periods is not the example Australians expect of their elected representatives.

“These MPs should be self-isolating for two weeks.”